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2) Tear out and replace any part of the building or structure to repair damage to the Automatic Sprinkler System that has resulted in sprinkler leakage.
Building and fire codes often require installation of automatic sprinklers in a building based on certain factors, such as occupancy group, height, size of the building/fire area, and occupant load.
Thirdly, Baker and FM Global are working toward a simplified approach for the installation requirements of automatic sprinklers.
The agency said it supports the NFPA's decision to include an automatic sprinkler system requirement for all long-term care facilities in the 2006 LSC.
One test involved a room with automatic sprinklers.
Such benefits have helped automatic sprinklers enjoy the same kind of growth as the housing industry itself, says Berry.
The proposal was submitted by the National Automatic Sprinkler Industry Pension Plan of Landover, MD.
While wet pipe automatic sprinkler systems are relatively simple to inspect, test and maintain, more complex systems and integral detection systems require specialized skills and equipment.
With no automatic sprinkler system or partitions to keep the fire from spreading, the building's entire sixth floor--and 18.
Fire service officials estimated it would cost about pounds 5,000 to fit a small primary school with an automatic sprinkler system.
Some duct systems and many fabric filter systems have been fitted with either manually actuated or automatic sprinkler systems.
With these re-commitments from Reliable Automatic Sprinkler, FedEx and American Universal Supply, I am happy to say that Lighthouse Real Estate's six Elmsford industrial assets continue to be 100 percent leased," said Langtry.
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