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ATHRAnaerobic Threshold Heart Rate (endurance sports)
ATHRAutothrust System
ATHRAngina Pectoris Threshold Heart Rate
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The fact that the autothrust system was not armed was indicated by the absence of the blue ATHR indication (armed condition of the system) on the PFD.
In that situation pilots feel that they have no choice but to trust that the autothrust system will work as commanded and desired.
Pilots also prefer moving throttles when the automation reduces power to idle or near idle at low altitudes (two pilots); in windshear conditions, when the autothrust system tends to respond too slowly (three pilots); in mountain wave conditions (two pilots); in strong crosswind conditions (three pilots); and in cases of an autothrust system failure, which may be more difficult to detect with nonmoving thrust levers (two pilots).
Five pilots were concerned with the cumbersome design of the disconnect procedure for the autothrust system, again echoing concerns raised by some pilots in the Last and Alder (1991) survey.
Last and Alder suggested that a combined design might be desirable; for example, the basic A-320 design could be augmented by throttle movement between the idle and climb power detents and the ability to modify power output without necessarily disengaging the autothrust system.