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AUWAsian University for Women (Bangladesh)
AUWAloha United Way (Hawaii)
AUWAgricultural University of Wageningen (Netherlands)
AUWAll Up Weight (Gross)
AUWAuto Union Workers
AUWAuthorized Unpriced Work
AUWAs You Wish
AUWAs You Want
AUWAirframe Unit Weight
AUWAdvanced Undersea Weapon
AUWAnti-Underwater Warfare
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But "AUW methodology" could refer to use of triage programs, predictive analytics systems, artificial intelligence systems, algorithmic underwriting systems, rules engines, and tele-underwriting systems, according to the AUW slidedeck.
Birny Birnbaum, executive director of the Austin, Texas-based Center for Economic Justice, is asking whether consumers can challenge the data used in AUW programs, and whether consumers can challenge AUW data sources that might be incomplete, inaccurate, or biased against members of certain demographic groups.
in the eye of the beholder: 3 Balinese photographers, Auw Kok Heng, Karyadinata Sujana, Ida Bagus Putra Adnyana.
1993, Concept of measurement system and geometric analysis and interpretation of ground's spatial deformations, Scientific Papers of AUW, Geodesy XI, Wroclaw 1993 pp.
Just after finishing the manuscript, Macdonald wrote his friend and agent Ivan von Auw a remarkably boastful letter in which his lofty aspirations (not to mention his high opinion of his own talent) are evident:
The Desired Specifications Of The Aircraft Are As Follow The Aircraft Should Be Certified Vide Far 25 Or Cs 25 Certification Standards ,Twin Jet Engine ,Minimum Range 1000 Nm With Auw At 35 Degree Centigrade Oat As Sea Level ,Minimum Cruising Speed 300 Knots.
Three actuaries -- Jean-Marc Fix, Tony Litterer and Mary Bahna-Nolan -- told the Life Actuarial Task Force in July that actuaries also need information about the performance of policies sold through AUW systems, rather than with no underwriting, or with full underwriting.
For data collection, a questionnaire was developed by the AUW team to be filled in by recruited trained interviewers, who had significant past experience of conducting interviews.
The AUW Series of Semi-Micro/ Analytical Balances feature fully automatic span calibration, an easy-to-use weighing chamber and level adjustment gauge, and a prominent backlit display.
We have increased our level of participation and involvement with AUW and target audiences have picked up on this.
In its quest for equality, AUW has become aware that other inequalities needed attention too: rural vs.
Perhaps the biggest fund raiser of them all, though, is the one in which employees buy the rights to dress down on Aloha Fridays by donating a set amount to AUW.