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ant-ntp can be associated with the far-right parliamentary parties, the neo-Nazi Chrissi Avgi (Golden Dawn), and the new populist right-wing party Anexartitoi Ellines (Independent Greeks).
"It was only the success of the fascistic far-right party Chrysi Avgi ('Golden Dawn') in the general election of May 2012 and their ensuing entry to parliament which catapulted organized political violence by far-right groups into the mainstream political spotlight." (6) Redistribution of powers, the end of bipartisanship and the consequent removal of those ideological barriers that used to separate the Left from the Right--as mentioned above--have seriously changed the terms of the game, distinguishing political power as 'memorandum friendly' or not, and public's political persuasion as either systemic or anti-systemic.
And one of the newcomers is the neo-Nazi Hryssi Avgi (Golden Dawn), breaking into parliament for the first time in nearly 40 years.
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(7.) Stiftung-Archiv fur die Parteien und die Massenorganisationen der DDR im Bundesarchiv [henceforth: SAPMO], DY 30 IV 2//20/252, Abteilung Agitation und Propaganda, 'Aktenvermerk uber die Tageszeitungen Avgi und Anexartitos Typos vom 19.10.1960'.
Reports linked the youths to neo-Orthodox fascist organizations with ties to Greece and names such as "Golden Dawn" (Chrisi Avgi).
Daily newspaper I Avgi, regarded as Syriza's mouthpiece, says that steps to "resolve the Macedonian issue" are being taken increasingly often and following their meeting in Vienna, Dimitrov and Kotzias are likely to meet again in Sofia.
"The Deeds of Man," wrote the leftist Avgi, referring to unlicensed constructions.
I am confident that Umberto's diverse managerial and professional experience will be a key contributor in further distributing our innovative technology-based solutions across Europe,' said David Avgi, CEO SafeCharge.
The Wolves (30-3), who tied the school record for victories in a season when they won the West Region championship on March 14, are led by senior Andy Avgi of Woodburn, who averages 20.0 points and 5.6 rebounds per game.
Asked whether Tsipras' coalition has secured enough support from lawmakers for the bill, Deputy Prime Minister Yannis Dragasakis said in an interview with Avgi newspaper: "The government has a strong and solid majority."