AvGIAmblyomma Variegatum Gene Index
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Kathimerini and I Avgi say that the draft agreement that Athens is expected to propose to Skopje wasn't presented in Vienna.
Chrysi Avgi, que en las elecciones legislativas de 2009 apenas alcanzo 0.
Stiftung-Archiv fur die Parteien und die Massenorganisationen der DDR im Bundesarchiv [henceforth: SAPMO], DY 30 IV 2//20/252, Abteilung Agitation und Propaganda, 'Aktenvermerk uber die Tageszeitungen Avgi und Anexartitos Typos vom 19.
Both Waldroff and AVGI also sued three Directors of CytoGenix for interfering with the licenses.
Everything depends on the supply of available airlines and hotels," said Avgi Papageorgiou, head of the Cyprus Tourism Organisation's (CTO) marketing department.
The Wolves (30-3), who tied the school record for victories in a season when they won the West Region championship on March 14, are led by senior Andy Avgi of Woodburn, who averages 20.
Asked whether Tsipras' coalition has secured enough support from lawmakers for the bill, Deputy Prime Minister Yannis Dragasakis said in an interview with Avgi newspaper: "The government has a strong and solid majority.
David Avgi, CEO, SafeCharge, said, 'We are adding Saxo Payments to our partners' network as part of our strategy to broaden our payments offering.
Greece's Avgi newspaper reported the government was seekinge1/424bn ($26.
In Greece, for the first time the neo-Nazi party Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) has managed to win 21 seats in the 300-member parliament in Sunday's polls, a development that will send shivers among the foreigners living in the country.
Precisa: "Tenemos pruebas de que parte de sus militantes colaboran con las milicias neofascistas de Chrysi Avgi (Alba Dorada) para agredir a inmigrantes y activistas de extrema izquierda.
These dishonored licenses granted AVGI the right to use CytoGenix's patented ssDNA vector in both equines and crustaceans.