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AvREAverage Relative Error
AvREAssociation for Vision Rehabilitation and Employment (Binghamton, NY)
AvREArmoured Vehicle Royal Engineers
AvREAssault Vehicle Royal Engineers (UK and Canada)
AvREAtrioventricular Reentrant Echo Beat
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Entre estos cabe destacar el Programa de Formacion de Terapeutas Populares (TEP) y de Multiplicadores en Acciones Psicosociales, Salud Mental y Derechos Humanos (MAP) de la Corporacion Avre (1992); el Programa de Promotoras de Vida y Salud Mental (PROVISAME) (Ramirez 2007); y mas recientemente el proyecto Outreach, Screening, and Intervention for Trauma for Internally Displaced Women (OSITA) (Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de los Andes s.
Erwinia amylovora secretes DspE, a pathogenicity factor and functional AvrE homolog, through the Hrp (type III secretion) pathway.
According to ATK the new round showed better performances than the 165 millimetre M123A1 HE round used on British Army Centurion AVRE and on US Army M728 engineer tanks.
There's a midget submarine, giant tools, steam machinery, mine-clearance equipment and even a Chieftain AVRE tank.
Cet alliage de l'eau, de la terre et du vegetal a necessite d'importants defrichements et travaux de drainage prenant appui sur le reseau hydraulique initial, structure autour des bras de la Somme et de l'Avre (son principal affluent), exhaussant les secteurs exondes.
In 1918 Mr Fender's brigade fought in battles of St Quentin and Avre, both subsidiaries of the first Somme 1918.
Major General 'Bobby' Ross Patrick Delaforce during the Victory Parade in May 1945 in Kiel Harbour (main) and his return to Normandy in 1992 (top) Churchill AVRE tank used by the Third Division for destroying enemy strongholds seen here passing through the ruins of a deserted village on its way across the Rhine