AVAIAno de Vida Ajustado por Incapacidade (Portuguese: disability adjusted life years)
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Until last year, funding for Ian's apprenticeship would not have been avai lable in Scotland.
Arange ofManga books are also avai lable in Kirklees libraries and information centres.
Birmingham star Ferguson is ready to declare himself avai lable for the Euro qualifiers.
Information will also be avai lable at the present Almondbury Library, Stocks Walk, on Wednesday, December 12 from 3 until 7pm.
The last one was Avai in the First Division, but I had the chance to play in Portugal so I left when I was 22.
Coritiba, Avai, Ponte Preta and Atletico Goianiense were relegated.
An excellent defensive rearguard - which has shipped just 23 goals in 34 league games this term - has been the catalyst for their success and they host Fluminense having won their last two matches against Atletico PR and Avai to nil.
s l'arrivAaAaAeA@e du fonds d'investisse de la SociAaAaAeA@tAaAaAeA@ GAaAaAeA@nAaAaAeA@ral dans Data plus en 2011, Chakib Rifi avai dans la foulAaAaAeA@e un partenariat avec LG Mobile, Asus, et annoncAaAaAeA@ projet d'usine d'assemblage de tAaAaAeA@lAaAaAeA@phone mobile au Ma
Avai [Inwa], Burmese, Siam [Thai], Tripura, Kuki to name.
Contractor shall be avai Eligibility Criteria : RFP Submittal Requirements
Nakumura T, Sugei M, Ozana AN, Ariga H, Kaoze H, Kiiyukia C, Avai L and T Urashima Microbiological properties of Maziwa lala, a Kenyan traditional fermented milk from Maasai community, Kenya.