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ABWAgencja Bezpieczeñstwa Wewnêtrznego (Polish: Internal Security Agency)
ABWAir Base Wing
ABWAir Base Wing (USAF squadron type)
ABWActual Body Weight
ABWActivity Based Working
ABWAlcohol By Weight
ABWA Better Way
ABWAfrican Blackwood
ABWAuto Body Works (auto repair workshop)
ABWAngry Black Woman
ABWAdvanced Business Ware (France)
ABWAntarctic Bottom Water
ABWAvailable Bandwidth
ABWAgresso Business World (software)
ABWAbandonware (outdated computer software)
ABWArizona Bike Week (motorcycles)
ABWAlready Been Worn (clothing)
ABWABestWeb (marketing forum website)
ABWAustralian Business Week (Australia)
ABWAutomatic Bank Withdrawal (financial management)
ABWApparent Beam Width
ABWall best wishes
ABWAirborne Waste
ABWAmerican Brotherhood Weekend
ABWArchitecture Bailly Warnant (French architecture company; Paris, France)
ABWAdvocates for Battered Women (Little Rock, AR)
ABWAxxcelera Broadband Wireless
ABWAußenbogenweiche (German: switch on tracks, railroads)
ABWAnti Bullying Week
ABWArctic Bottom Water
ABWArc Braze Welding
ABWApparent Band Width
ABWAll Being Well Ltd
ABWAmateur Backyard Wrestling
ABWAlfalfa, Barley, Wheatgrass
ABWAverage Bandwidth Waste
ABWAltitude Backyard Wrestling (Colorado)
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The BTC depends on how the bandwidth is shared with other TCP connections, while the av_bw assumes that the average traffic load is kept constant and estimates the available bandwidth on the link.
Then, our scheme estimates the available bandwidth, based on the buffer status and segment throughput.
The proposed CS video technique depends on monitoring the available bandwidth on the internet and the quality of the video.
Network security and effective utilization of available bandwidth always remained a big challenge when multimedia traffic is mixed over Internet Protocol (IP) networks.
Using advanced integrated encoding technology allows you to match the output bitrate of the encoder to the available bandwidth dynamically, while you are live streaming, and automatically, without any interaction needed from you.
To accurately perceive the network state on the heterogeneous network, a novel measure method is adopted by integrating the optimized PathChirp and the on-line available bandwidth estimate (OLABE) scheme.
The maximum throughput of any link without affecting the existing flow of the network is defined as Available Bandwidth of a link.
By creating secure, virtual WAN links abstracted from the physical network and then intelligently adapting to changes in application demand and network characteristics, Talari ensures that applications perform continuously at high quality and takes advantage of all available bandwidth; by utilizing a combination of Internet, MPLS, wireless networks, etc., Talari's customers can dramatically increase their available bandwidth and improve reliability while significantly lowering their network costs, a combination that is needed to stay competitive in a fast moving economy.
These criteria are cost, delay, available bandwidth and network conditions with two handover thresholds.
The bandwidth detection algorithm by Arun and Tan [9] was based on sending a fixed-size packet from the sender and calculating the available bandwidth based on the time difference between the sending time and the acknowledgment return time from the receiver.
government customers and allies.a Leveraging Boeingas expertise in government environments and applications, BCSS works with the owners of active satellite systems to market available bandwidth to prospective customers and to include hosted payloads on future spacecraft.
In this paper, we propose a network and multimedia visual quality aware N-Screen content recommender system to personalize the contents with user preferences, and ensuring a good visual quality on the user N-Screen device with efficient available bandwidth utilization.
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