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AVTAsociación Víctimas del Terrorismo (Victims of Terrorism Association; Spain)
AVTAutonomous Vehicle Team (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)
AVTApplied Vehicle Technology
AVTAnti-Viral Therapy
AVTAudio Video Transport
AVTActive Voice Technology
AVTAttribute Value Template
AVTAppliance Virtual Target
AVTAnalog Video Tuner
AVTAmbient Vibration Testing (civil engineering)
AVTAllied Vision Technologies (est. 1989)
AVTAudio Video Technology (various organizations)
AVTAdvisory Visiting Teacher (Australia)
AVTAudiovisual Translation
AVTAdult Vocational Training
AVTAssistive Voting Technology (Canada)
AVTAudio/Visual Transport
AVTAdvanced Vehicle Technologies
AVTAll-Volatile Treatment
AVTAvailable Time
AVTTraining Aircraft Carrier
AVTAuto Volume Transfer
AVTAutomatic Video Tracker
AVTAdaptive Visualization Technology (DVTel/OmniVee Ltd.)
AVTArchitecture Verification Test
AVTAir Velocity Transducer
AVTApplication Virtual Terminal
AVTAviation Medicine Technician
AVTAutomatic Vessel Tracking
AVTAudio/Visual Tutorial
AVTAudio-Visual Terminal (WorldCom)
AVTAppendage Vector Table
AVTArginine Vastocin
AVTAudio Vidéo Transmission (French: Audio Video Transmission; Livry-Gargan, France)
AVTAutomated Verification Testing
AVTApplied Voice Technologies Ltd.
AVTApplication Vertical Test program
AVTAutomatic Vertical Tabulation
AVTArmored Veritech Fighter (Macross)
AVTApollo Validation Test
AVTAnti-Viral Toolkit
AVTAir-Vibrating Table
AVTAccelerated Vesication Test (electronics)
AVTAd Valorem Tariff
AVTArchitecture Ville et Territoire (French: Architecture and City Planning; Avignon, France)
AVTArtisan, Village and Tiny (Industries)
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This approach uses the student's study schedule (timetable) information entered in advance, to retrieve their location and available time information at moments when they may wish to study.
A number of factors may affect both actual time available and perceptions of available time, and both are important.
Net available time is scheduled time less planned downtime for lunches, breaks, etc.
In doing so, Proximity WorkStations increase efficiency and accuracy, reduce staff fatigue and increase available time for direct patient care and personal interaction.
The reality it, the busier and more successful companies become, the less available time they have--and while busy is good for business, there is such a thing as too busy.
0's queue-based scheduler enables test equipment to be shared among multiple users and multiple test beds by allowing a test to be queued to run at the earliest available time based on equipment availability.
Ability and interest in swimming is obviously the central consideration here, as will be available time to train.
For one thing, purchasing people don't necessarily like to make a commitment to a specific material early on in the vehicle development process, which reduces the available time for the tooling suppliers to learn about the material that is to be used.
85 percent of the companies spend less than 50 percent of available time contacting customers.
In the past, sales people would have to check with their dealer for available time slots.
As a result, Hoogendoorn will no longer have the available time to act as the CFO for Clearly Canadian, a statement said.