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AVARAssociation of Veterinarians for Animal Rights (Davis, CA, USA)
AVARAssociation of anti Virus Asia Researchers (also seen as AAVAR)
AVARAsymptotic Variance
AVARAverage Video-Audio Range
AVARAutomatic Voltage Adjusting Rheostat
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Ademas, los resultados del AVAR indicaron que existian diferencias en las variables del modelo SCCT pero que esas diferencias no se podian atribuir unicamente al genero, tal como indicaban los valores obtenidos en los tamanos de los efectos.
Fatih Aygun (1), Pinar Ozge Avar Aydin (1), Senol Emre (2), Seval Simsek Uzunoglu (3), Sema Saltik (4), Halit Qam (1)
[[nabla].sub.[beta]g]([??], [X.sub.i]) (a row vector) denotes the gradient of g([beta], X)evaluated at [X.sub.i], and [??], and AVAR ([??]) is an estimator of the asymptotic covariance matrix of [??].
(i) Typically, the asymptotic variance of the estimated MTTF (Avar) of the lifetime distribution of the product is used to judge whether a CSADT plan is optimal.
During the hearing, complainant Erhan Avar said in court: "They [members of the Bolu Gendarmerie Brigade Command] took my mother and father together.
Aliskhab Kebekov's ascent to the top leadership role in the evolving insurgency waged by the Caucasus Emirate was notable because he was not a battle-hardened Chechen, but an ethnic Avar from Dagestan.
His mother's family, the Suleimanovs, are of the Avar ethnicity.
Forty discourse in Anthropogy, Tehran, Naghsh avar press.
Many people are missing and we believe they were kidnapped," Welat Avar, a doctor, told Reuters by telephone from Ain al-Arab.
NONE (4) = divs (demons); NINE (13) = Avar (a people and language).