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AVARAssociation of Veterinarians for Animal Rights (Davis, CA, USA)
AVARAssociation of anti Virus Asia Researchers (also seen as AAVAR)
AVARAsymptotic Variance
AVARAverage Video-Audio Range
AVARAutomatic Voltage Adjusting Rheostat
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Before mentioning the order Peter received in 602 from Maurice, Theophylact has just finished the story of Peter "taking position in the Dardanian province, for he had heard the Avar hordes" ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] Theophylact Simocatta 293) were gathered at "the place called Cataracts" (English version from Whitby and Whitby 216-217).
There is a direct connection not only between the Avars and the structure of European identity (the Avars being one historical constitutive outside of Europe), but also between the Avars and certain states in today's Europe.
We are all out of our depth in such matters--the sources being so exiguous-but it seems here that Pritsak has simplified somewhat: both the Avar kaganate and the (first) Bulgarian kingdom were very important in shaping the Kyivan state.
Al realizar el AVAR de medidas repetidas 2 (arousal) X 2 (valencia) para la variable dependiente discriminacion de fotografias emocionales (A'), encontramos efectos principales de la valencia (F(1, 38)= 8,455, p<0,01) y del arousal (F(1, 38)= 12,580, p<0,01).
The Szekely claim to be direct descendants of the Huns, although their origins are debated, with some scholars claiming they are of Turkic origin, others claiming they are of Avar ancestry, and still others claiming that they are simply Magyar tribes who came to the area before the 896 conquest.
The Avar subtranslative -L'an is ROUTE + UNDER (and perlative cases in general involve the ROUTE direction).
AVAR, meanwhile, observes that the present rationalization [for ear cropping] is that ear crops prevent ear infections and thus have a preventative health benefit.
Travelling, courtesy of the British Council, to Tbilisi the following year to spend the academic year 1975-76 learning Georgian and gaining a familiarity with Abkhaz, Avar and Chechen (plus Mingrelian and Svan), I realised just how precarious was the future for several of the other indigenous languages of the Caucasus, which had by then become my area of specialisation.
It reexamines such well-known products of and stimuli for Marian devotion as the Akathistos hymn, the image of Maria Regina, the Avar siege in 626, and the historical and legendary narratives associated with these and other Marian-related phenomena.
Like the poet Gamzatov, she is Avar, which is the language she speaks at home.
Because of the animal-style decoration, in general the most typical for the Early Avar period (ca.
Moravian Czechs joined with Charlemagne's legions to resist the invading Avar peoples and fashion the beginnings of a Bohemian state.