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AVASAutoritatea pentru Valorificarea Activelor Statului (Romania)
AVASAdditivity and Variance Stabilization
AVASAssociation of Voluntary Action Scholars
AVASAdaptive Variable Air Suspension (Lexus)
AVASAutomatic VFR Advisory Service
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He believes the next step is to work with various tasting groups within the individual AVAs. "We can work from the AVA down to the vineyard level," he said.
* The boundaries of the proposed AVAs are also sparking debate among growers, some of whom believe they forego viticultural significance in favor of marketing.
The process of creating the new AVAs began in the summer of 2001, and from the beginning involved both growers and producers.
Approval by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) for the Red Mountain AVA came through in April 2001 after a tireless campaign by Lorne Jacobson, sales and marketing director for Hedges Cellars.
In addition, DAR personnel have limited technical capacities to review the validity and desirability of the AVAs. Although from a strictly legal point of view, contracts which have not been approved by the DAR are null and void, in accordance with section 4.9 of DAR Administrative Order 9 s.
10,2015,51 members of Congress signed a letter alerting TTB that some wines sold in intrastate commerce under a COLA exemption are using AVA designations without meeting the federal AVA requirements.
In September 2016, she said Duterte revoked the AVA between Marsman Estate Plantation Inc.
FAO's 2015 'Multi-sectoral study on the Agribusiness Venture Arrangements policy and implementation Under the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program,' revealed that most ARBs are not even aware of their obligations and entitlements under these AVAs because most of these provisions are written in a language they do not understand.
Patients and Methods: Total 35 AVA patients were included in the study.
The official, however, said the proposal was meant to fast-track resolution of pending cases involving problematic AVAs, wherein the alleged onerous contracts heavily favors the private agricultural corporations over agrarian reform beneficiaries organizations or individuals who tend to lose possession or control over their CARP-award land.
She said DAR provides the ARBs legal assistance if they are faced with legal challenges on the AVAs.