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AVASAutoritatea pentru Valorificarea Activelor Statului (Romania)
AVASAdditivity and Variance Stabilization
AVASAssociation of Voluntary Action Scholars
AVASAdaptive Variable Air Suspension (Lexus)
AVASAutomatic VFR Advisory Service
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10,2015,51 members of Congress signed a letter alerting TTB that some wines sold in intrastate commerce under a COLA exemption are using AVA designations without meeting the federal AVA requirements.
She said DAR provides the ARBs legal assistance if they are faced with legal challenges on the AVAs.
Im proud to be leading the AVA as we advocate for the health and welfare of Australias animals and champion the responsible use of antibiotics.
The study, which made an assessment of AVAs in Mindanao, added that the ARBs' 'lack of understanding is exacerbated by insufficient legal representation and transparency issues from their own cooperative leaders.
Conclusion: Primary and secondary patency rates of AVA in children in our study were comparable to most of the similar studies.
Our AVAs range from multi-state areas like the Ohio River Valley (16.
An unusual proposal from the Tax & Trade Bureau (TTB) would allow wines to be labeled with the grapes' AVA of origin, if "fully finished" in an adjacent state.
As you can see, the benefits of AVA amortization are substantial.
The TTB recognized both the macro-level similarities shared by the 11 new AVAs and their micro-level distinctiveness.
TTB was very helpful throughout, and I am very proud that Middleburg Virginia became the 198th AVA in the country.
She has been working with Elisabeth Kann, the new AVA coordinator, with ideas to streamline the TTB review process for public notices and final rules prior to Federal Register publication.