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AVENAsexual Visibility & Education Network
AVENAudio Visual Education Network (Seattle, WA)
AVENAxisymmetric Vectoring Exhaust Nozzle (F-16)
AVENAssociation of Veterans of Nuclear Tests (France)
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Aven presses Baker hard on why the US didn't give Russia more financial aid, saying it could have allowed them to embed liberal reforms.
With Pont Aven a five-minute drive away, we ventured down to the small town made famous by the artist Paul Gauguin who, along with other artists like Emile Bernard and Paul Serusier, formed what became known as the Pont Aven School.
To get at whether all-broker or nonbroker teams fare better, Aven turned to data from late imperialist Russia, when railroads and population were expanding and there was explosive growth in private enterprise and industrial output.
Although Gwenllian and I had been mesmerised in previous visits by the magical stones and beaches at Carnac and by the beauty of Pont Aven, our boys didn't quite feel the same.
Now Concarneau, a major Atlantic fishing port, is not quite as arty as Pont Aven, but it certainly has its charm - not least a huge walled town to meander through and dozens of fantastic places to eat.
AlfaOs Petr Aven Steps Down From CTC Media Board, Company Says.
6 -- Aven has introduced the Mighty Mag magnifying lamp, which uses an array of 40 strong lights on each side of a 5-diopter (2.
Asexuality is just beginning to be the subject of scientific research," writes AVEN.
As mentioned, members of AVEN are located around the world, coming from different backgrounds; identifying with various genders, races, and classes; forming different types of relationships; and even variously identifying as romantic and aromantic, monogamous and polyamorous, gay, straight, bisexual, and lesbian.
9 July 2010 - Russian Alfa-Bank intends to draw some USD1bn (EUR792m) worth of funds on foreign markets in the short run, the bank's president Pyotr Aven told Prime Minister Vladimir Putin at a meeting held on Friday.
AVEN Associates LLC (AVEN), a wholly owned subsidiary of Vane Minerals PLC (Vane) (VML.