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As shown in Figure 8, the measured average access times [T.
This drive's average access time is 350ms--the maximum is 800ms.
Data can be transferred at a rate of 32 Mbps, with an average access time of 16 ms.
The disks carry 300 MB of formatted data per side with an average access time of 60 ms and a maximum access delay of 200 ms.
This can surpass 100 I/Os per second since the average access time (average seek, latency and data transfer) has gone below 10ms per I/O on newer drives.
Most hard drives certainly have a faster transfer rate and lower average access time than even a second-generation DVD or DVD-ROM drive, but the movies are recorded at a fixed playback bit-rate so faster drives do not matter much.
4x drive with a data transfer of 676 KB/second, 150-ms average access time, an average seek time of 110 ms and is capable of changing discs in five seconds or less.
That's when an average access time of 20 seconds to one minute-plus can seem like hours to a waiting user, but access improvements are available.
High performance speeds, an 85-ms average access time, and a 2-MB data buffer make the CD-W54E an efficient and reliable device for creating, copying, and backing up CDs, according to the company.
Typical systems will have a 40megabyte or larger hard disk with an average access time of 28 milliseconds or less for a high data transfer rate, not less than 2 megabytes of RAM with 32-bit memory access (4 megabytes or more are better to take advantage of die chip's power), an EGA or Video Graphics Array monitor, and an 80387 or Weitek numeric coprocessor.
This gives an average access time of twenty-eight seconds (with a sixty-second maximum) to any byte in a terabyte full tape.
announced the first Solid-State Disk for the mainframe virtual storage market with a 45MB capacity and an average access time of .