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The average annual erosion rate in rain fed areas reached 100 tons ha which is 77 times more than the world average [4].
At the average annual erosion rate of 1.5 feet per year, approximately 12,000 cubic yards of sediment per year was entering the surrounding waterways.
The average annual erosion rate estimated for the watershed using RUSLE was -31.4 t [ha.sup.-1] [yr.sup.-1] (-14 t [ac.sup.-1] [yr.sup.-1]).
Geological Survey (USGS) has revealed that average annual erosion rates along part of Alaska's Arctic Coast has doubled in a 5-year period between 2002 and 2007, which may result in the disappearance of many cultural and historical sites.
Finally, as with the USLE, RUSLE is designed to predict long-term average annual erosion rates, and is therefore very limited in its ability to estimate erosion rates for single storms, or even for a single calendar year (Wischmeier 1976).
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