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Table 1, table 2 and graph 1 show that in the period 1963-1973 the average annual rate of growth of: GDP was 7.94%, GDP per person employed 8.45%, gross fixed investment 10.57%, unemployment 4.18%, inflation 3.96% and general government debt % of GDP 17.98%.
Full employment production was not approached again for any extended period and the average annual rate of growth of the economy sank by more than a quarter during the last three decades of the century, as compared with the 1960s (chart 1).
Over the past decade, the average annual rate of growth in inflation has been 1.6 percent (using IMF statistics).
Demand for butadiene in the production of ABS resins and polybutadiene is expected to see the highest average annual rate of growth for all derivatives during the period from 1999-2005, according to the study.
For example, the replacement of the fixed-weight price index with the chain-type price index in 1995 reduced the average annual rate of growth of real GDP during the economic expansion in 1991:I-1995:II by 0.5 percentage point.
The average annual rate of growth of industrial production since 1992 is now shown to have been 4 1/2 percent, 3/4 percentage point higher than previously shown (table 1).(2) The new estimates show industrial output growth to have been 3/4 percentage point higher over 1994 and 1 1/2 percentage points higher over 1995.
Compound annual PGI/EGI increase: The compound annual potential/effective gross income (PGI/EGI) increase (or alternatively the average annual rate of growth for the PGI/EGI) should be consistent with market expectations of rent growth and general inflation.
RYm = RYm = average annual rate of growth of manufacturing output,
This represents a six-fold increase in expenditures in 20 years--a sustained real average annual rate of growth of nearly nine percent per year over the period.
However, from 1965 to 1988, Zambia's average annual rate of growth was minus 2.1 percent, and today it is one of the poorest countries in the world - ranked eighteenth from the bottom in per capita GNP.
The capital effect nearly doubled, from a 0.4-percent average annual rate of growth from 1958 to 1973 to 0.7 percent from 1973 to 1989.
The highest average annual rate of growth from 2001 to 2005 (8.8 percent) was found in Gibson County.
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