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ACHTAntrim County High Tea (cancer awareness; Alden, MI)
ACHTAverage Call Handling Time
ACHTAverage Call Holding Time
ACHTArbitrary Channel Holding Time
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* The average call handling time has decreased 30 percent.
* a 2.5 percent reduction in average call handling time in the first year and steady improvements every year since;
Whether you measure upsell or cross-sell percentages, call wait times, average call handling time or any of dozens of other performance indicators, your goal is to obtain an objective measure of success.
Ultimately, these benefits have resulted in the average call handling time being reduced by 35%--dramatically enhancing the quality of Mercur's customer service.
Companies can reduce average call handling time by eliminating annoying idle time when customers are placed on hold while agents log into various back-office systems trying to find the information they need.
Staff turnover decreased from almost 50 percent to 15 percent, average call handling time was pared back by 21 seconds, 30 percent fewer calls were misrouted, the average speed of answer was reduced by 16 seconds, operational expenses were lowered, requests to escalate calls decreased, and caller dissatisfaction levels plummeted.
The most menacing problems in the call center are related to average call handling time (ACHT) and first-call resolution (FCR) rates--the former being too high, the latter being too low, and the result being poor customer satisfaction which, in turn, contributes to churn and increased costs per subscriber.
It used NICE to assess cost per contact, analyze volume patterns and trends, evaluate agent performance based on contact type, and correlate average call handling time, dissatisfaction levels, and repeat calls to identify areas that required attention.
Companies can use gamification to reward incremental improvements in productivity, such as answering a set number of calls in an hour, reducing average call handling time by a certain percentage, or resolving customer issues without having to escalate calls.