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Second, despite a decrease in the total cost and in the number of users between 2002 and 2004 (from $15 million for 112,000 users to $11 million for 75,000 users), the yearly average cost per user actually increased, from $136 to $142.
The average cost per user decreases as the number of users increases, with the subscription fee going down as Low as $5 per year.
BlackSpider claims that MailControl Enterprise can lower the cost of ownership of e-mail protection as the average cost per user is between GBP1.
vWorkspace customers can use a mix of VDI and Terminal Server/RD Session Host to reduce average cost per user.
A core theme of Quest's approach is the recommendation to use a blend of these techniques to achieve the lowest average cost per user.
The average cost per user for a typical configuration of 300 users is under $100 per user.
The average cost per user for the Wildfire Electronic Assistant is approximately $1500-about the same cost as many laptop computers.
The average cost per user for a Wildfire Electronic Assistant can be less than $2,000 -- about the cost of many laptop computers.