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From the clinic's 2007 financial report, we estimate that the average cost per visit is $54.
Since average cost per visit and the number of visits for each of the six major service types are available in the cost reports, these data should have been used as more direct measures of scope.
Using data from the 3 years preceding agencies' entry into the demonstration and from the year after entry, average cost per visit for each type of visit was regressed on time and treatment-status interaction terms, plus agency and area characteristics.
This implies an average cost per visit of [pound]36.
Johnson says the reduction in overall case costs for the experimental group occurred because of the combination of the 13 percent decrease in average cost per visit coupled with the 18 percent decrease in number of visits.
The panel's report pointed to the average cost per visit to a library in Middlesbrough being much higher that most areas in the country.
Two types of analyses were conducted to test the hypotheses about program impacts on costs, visits volume, and profits: (1) agency-level analyses of average cost per visit, total visits, and profits, and (2) patient-level analyses of beneficiaries' number of visits per episode.