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Average current mode control is used to regulate the output voltage of the bidirectional dc-dc converter in both Buck and Boost modes, while charging and discharging the battery bank.
The model of the dc-dc converter in average current mode control is shown in Fig.
Average current mode control is used to regulate the output voltage of the dc-dc converter due to its inherently stable characteristic.
[6] Lloyd Dixon, 'Average current mode control of switching power Supplies', Unitrode Application Note U-140, pp 1-14.
The control method used for the vaporizer power supply is the average current mode control. The small signal model for this control method is presented in Fig.
This is possible because when using the average current mode control the information about the inductor current is used in the inner current loop.
The first step in order to implement the incremental temperature algorithm when referring to the power stage is to design the two PI control loops used in the average current mode control method for the step down converter.