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Average daily room rate in August is pounds 216 full board.
Occupancy for all hotels in Chicago climbed to 64 percent from January through August, up from 62 percent a year earlier, according to Bloomberg, and the average daily room rate rose 5.3 percent to $114.20.
The company has analysed its booking data to announce that the top five family summer destination for 2011 are Orlando, in US, offering an average daily room rate of USD87; Cancun, in Mexico, offering an average daily room rate of USD184; Honolulu, in US, offering an average daily room rate of USD136; Maui, in US, offering an average daily room rate of USD181; and Kauai, in US, offering an average daily room rate of USD154.
In Chester, the average daily room rate fell by 2.7% to pounds 64.46; average daily room occupancy of 74.5% was 5.2% lower; and average daily rooms yield was 7.8% worse, at pounds 48.02.
For 2010, STR projects a 0.6-percent year-over-year decline in occupancy to 58.7 percent; a 2.1-percent year-over-year increase in Average Daily Room Rate (ADR) to a record $110.80; a 1.5-percent year-over-year increase in Revenue per Available Room (RevPAR) to $65.06; and a 1.2-percent increase in supply and a 0.6-percent increase in demand.
The two primary factors when considering the establishment of a hotel, Stanford says, are the city's average daily room rate, as well as the overall occupancy.
Occupancy and average daily room rate (ADR) exceed those prevalent in South East Asia in an emirate operating a tax free environment and consequently
During that same period of time, the average daily room rate increased over 18.0 percent.
He adds that revenue per available room (RevPAR), which can be calculated by multiplying the occupancy rate by the average daily room rate, is a key number to look at when evaluating hotels.
Hotels saw room yield rise by 6.5 per cent, due mainly to an increase in the average daily room rate of 5.4 per cent.
The average daily room rate for 2002 was roughly $139.68, while the average occupancy was 69.6 percent.
Hotel average daily room rate in 2000: $237 in 2001: $206 in 2002: $187
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