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ADRRAverage Daily Room Rate
ADRRAggressive Driving and Road Rage (informational website)
ADRRAcceptor/Donor Radioactivity Ratio
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Average daily room rates also increased from $179 in May 2016 to $180 in May this year, resulting in an overall boost in RevPAR by 12.
In addition, the occupancy rate also rose, with only the average daily room rate stagnating.
Lower Manhattan's average daily room rate (ADR) was $293, an 18% jump from last quarter and stable over last year.
The average daily room rate at the resort for 2012 is $182.
The hotel performance figures, collated by STR Global and released by business advisory firm Deloitte in Wales, show hotels in the capital experienced their strongest occupancy levels for the month of August since 2008 and its highest average daily room rate (ADR) in at least seven years.
Meanwhile, the average daily room rate for Welsh hotels is pounds 52 - at a similar level to April 2012 but down from pounds 55 in May 2011.
It added that the average daily room rate regressed by 22.
At the end of 2007, the average daily room rate stood at about $250, the data shows.
RevPAR is an industry bellwether that is derived by a hotel's average daily room rate by its occupancy rate.
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