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ADTAndrogen Deprivation Therapy (cancer treatment)
ADTAdult (airline passenger type)
ADTAbstract Data Type (OOP class)
ADTArchitectural Desktop (Autodesk)
ADTAndroid Development Tools (software)
ADTAverage Daily Traffic
ADTAtlantic Daylight Time
ADTAmerican District Telegraph (Boca Raton, FL)
ADTAmerican Dental Trading (various locations)
ADTAustralasian Digital Theses (1998-2011)
ADTAttention Deficit Trait (psychiatry)
ADTApplication Development Trends
ADTAccess Developer'S Toolkit
ADTAdaptive De-Interlace Technique
ADTArchitectural Desktop
ADTActive Desktop
ADTAutomated Deployment Toolkit
ADTAutomatic Digital Testing
ADTAutocad Desktop
ADTAutomated Distribution Technologies
ADTAbstract Data Type
ADTAleutian Daylight Time (-9 Hours GMT)
ADTActive Duty for Training
ADTAmerican Discovery Trail (proposed multi-use trail across USA)
ADTAgence de Développement Touristique (French: Tourist Development Agency)
ADTAggregate Data Type (computing)
ADTAverage Daily Trips (transportation)
ADTArticulated Dump Truck
ADTAnnual Daily Traffic
ADTAgribusiness Development Team (US DoD)
ADTAdenosine Triphosphate
ADTAutomatic Double Tracking
ADTAdvanced Dicing Technologies (Horsham, Pennsylvania)
ADTAguas del Tunari (Bolivian water regulation)
ADTApplication Development Toolkit
ADTApplication Development Tool
ADTAll-Defensive Team (sports)
ADTActive Denial Technology
ADTAshland Daily Tidings (Ashland, OR)
ADTAerospace and Defense Technology
ADTAdult Day Training
ADTAnti-Discrimination Tribunal (Australia)
ADTAdvantage Data Transformer (CA Technologies)
ADTAdult Diphtheria Tetanus (vaccination)
ADTAstronomy Diagnostic Test
ADTAccess Developer's Toolkit (Microsoft)
ADTAdvanced DRAM Technology
ADTAssociate Dean Teaching (various schools)
ADTAgriculture Development Team (US DoD)
ADTAverage Daily Turnover (stock trading)
ADTApplication Data Types
ADTAmerican District Telegraph Company
ADTAdmissions, Discharge, Transfer (healthcare)
ADTApplication Development Team
ADTActive Duty Tour
ADTArt Design Technology
ADTAided Tracking
ADTAir Dry Ton (cellulose pulp)
ADTAdvanced Data Technologies
ADTAgent Desktop
ADTAlliance Development Trust (relief and development arm of the National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka)
ADTAlaskan Daylight Time (GMT -0800)
ADTAir Data Tester
ADTApplied Data Trends, Inc
ADTApproved Departure Time
ADTAdministrative Delay Time
ADTAccelerated Degradation Testing
ADTAssign Digital Transmission Group
ADTArchitecture Development Team
ADTAir Dissolving Tube
ADTAirborne Data Terminal
ADTAverage Daily Theoretical (casino industry)
ADTAttribute Definition Table
ADTAccumulated Deployed Time
ADTAir Data Transducer
ADTAdmission, Disposition, and Transfer
ADTActive Disk Table
ADTAutomatic Digital Tester
ADTAdvanced Development Team
ADTAssociative Design Technology
ADTAutomated Detection and Tracking
ADTAutomatic Data Translator
ADTAcknowledged Data Transfer
ADTAerated Drain Tank
ADTAdsorbed Diphtheria Tetanus (vaccine)
ADTAtomic Damage Template
ADTAlphanumeric Display Terminal
ADTAutomatic Detection & Tracking
ADTAsset Discovery Tool
ADTArchitectural Development Team
ADTAbnormal Data Type
ADTAverage Download Time
ADTAsynchronous Data Teleservice
ADTAudio Detect Tone
ADTAddress Detector Transition
ADTAnalyst Dependent Technique
ADTAuthorized Dealer Team
ADTAnomaly Detection Tool
ADTAnchorage Daily Times
ADTAnalog Data Tape
ADTAvailable Device Table
ADTAnswer Detection Technology
ADTAlternative Display Technology
ADTAdvanced Dialoguing Techniques
ADTAdvanced Digital Terminal
ADTAccettazione Dismissione Trasferimento (Italian healthcare)
ADTAmerican Dial Tone (Dunedin, FL)
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General Manager manages daily operations, Driver model is owner operator & IC average daily trips 450 miles
3 acres of new impervious areas, the alteration of 123,040 square feet of buffer zone to wetland resource areas, the generation of an additional 8,430 unadjusted average daily trips, the use of an additional 26,000 gallons per day of water at the site and the generation of an additional 27,000 gallons per day of wastewater, the construction of additional sewer infrastructure and the generation of greenhouse gas emissions, according to the state.
For example, a right-of-way acquisition for a public street extension over undeveloped private property would factor vehicular average daily trips in order to measure the extent of vehicular traffic as well as the extent of other local public facilities planned within the street right-of-way (a commonly accepted measure of land-use intensity used by urban and transportation planners).
The property owner's benefit is based upon the future average daily trips that the street will provide to the property upon full build-out of its highest and best-use scenario.
Answer: There were 15,080 Average Daily Trips recorded on the flyover in 2009, the latest year for which statistics are available.
The project segment currently carries about 37,000 average daily trips (ADT) with 50,000 expected in 2025.
Overall traffic on Highway 126 would increase from 6,700 average daily trips at that point to 7,280.
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