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ADWGAverage Daily Weight Gain (animal nutrition)
ADWGAustralian Drinking Water Guidelines 2004
ADWGAd Hoc Working Group
ADWGArtificial Dropout Waveform Generation
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The piglets' weekly average body weight, average daily feed intake, average daily weight gain and average feed conversion ratio in different stages were analyzed to compare performance according to dietary lipid allocation and feeding regime.
The animals were also weighed every 28 days during the experiment without any previous feed deprivation, to monitor their average daily weight gain and to adjust the supply of supplement.
The calves were weighed fortnightly intervals and average daily weight gain (ADG), in male and female, was recorded.
There were no differences between the average daily weight gain of the piglets socialized prior to weaning (0.
Mixed model effects of the metaphylactic treatment with oxytetracycline on average daily weight gain in feedlot calves (n=90) LSMd ADG CTL (a) OTC20 (b) OTC40 (c) SE (e) p ADGt (f) 939.
The similarities recorded in average daily feed intake and average daily weight gain were in accordance with what was earlier reported [17] when four different varieties, two QPM and two normal maize, were fed to pigs.
05) was observed in SCG and NCG on monthly body height, length, chest girth, average daily weight gain (ADWG), blood insulin, thyroid-3 and thyroid-4 concentration.
Analysis of the absolute and the average daily weight gain by calves of the two body types revealed a considerable difference in the period between 15 and 18 months of age, that is, during exactly this period calves of the first type considerably (by 28.
The low estimate indicates difficulty in improving maternal ability for average daily weight gain from birth to weaning and reinforces the fact that the early growth is also determined by maternal effects.
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