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ADWGAverage Daily Weight Gain (animal nutrition)
ADWGAustralian Drinking Water Guidelines 2004
ADWGAd Hoc Working Group
ADWGArtificial Dropout Waveform Generation
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Average daily weight gain (ADG) was calculated by the difference between the final and initial weight of tester animals, in each experimental period, divided by the number of grazing days.
Additionally, piglets socialized prior to entering the nursery had greater levels of average daily weight gain during the first 14 days and a decrease in agonistic behavior.
Average daily weight gain (kg animal-1 [day.sup.-1]) of the test heifers in each experimental period was calculated as the difference of weight between two consecutive dates and divided by the number of days in the period.
In present study, average daily weight gain in male and female calves was 804g and 728g respectively.
Dietary supplementation of concentrate 0.5, 1.0 and 1.5% of body weight had no effect (P=0.258) on average daily weight gain among all the three treatments (table 2).
Table-2: Effect of increasing level of Optigen in the diet on dry matter intake and average daily weight gain of the Nili Ravi buffalo calves.
Regarding average daily weight gain, a similar result was reported in a study by Mathur et al.
These findings are supported by the findings of Knoess (1977) and Qureshi (1986) who reported average daily weight gain as 1.4 kg in male, 0.95 kg in female; 1.5 kg in male, 1 kg in female camel calves, respectively in Pakistan.
niloticus) in terms of weight gain (WG), average daily weight gain (ADWG), percent weight gain (PWG), specific growth rate (SGR), food conversion ratio (FCR), survival rate (SR) and condition factor (CF) are presented in Table II.
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