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AVDAndroid Virtual Device (emulator)
AVDAnnals of Vascular Diseases (Japan)
AVDAlternate Voice and Data
AVDAdvanced Video Disc
AVDAudio Video Design (Melbourne, FL)
AVDAutomobilclub von Deutschland (German automobile club)
AVDAddress-Value Delta (computing)
AVDAudio Video Distributors (Wixom, MI)
AVDAtomic Vapor Deposition (AXITRON)
AVDAcademy of Veterinary Dentistry
AVDAortic Valve Disease
AVDAtherosclerotic Vascular Disease
AVDAssociation des Volontaires pour le Développement (French: Association of Volunteers for Development; various locations)
AVDAudio Video Data
AVDAutomatic Voice Dialer
AVDAvond Vier Daagse (Dutch; Surinamese parade)
AVDArzt Vom Dienst (German Medic of the Watch)
AVDAlternating Voice/Data
AVDAverage Degree
AVDDestroyer Seaplane Tender (Auxiliary, Aircraft, Destroyer)
AVDArmy Veterinary Department
AVDApparent Volume of Distribution
AVDAudio Visual Department
AVDAudio-Visual Division
AVDAnnual Volume Discount
AVDAttack versus Defense (online gaming)
AVDActive Variable Damping
AVDAutomatic Voice Data
AVDAmitié Voyages Découverte (French: Friendship Discovery Travel; est. 1986)
AVDAssociation pour la Vente Directe au Luxembourg (French: Direct Selling Association in Luxembourg; est. 1996; Luxembourg)
AVDAutomatic Voice Detection
AVDAverage Voltage Drop
AVDAir Velocity Detector
AVDAverage Vapor Density
AVDAssainissement, Vidange, Débouchage (French: Sanitation, Drainage, Drain Cleaning)
AVDAutomatic Voltage Digitizer
AVDAnode Voltage Drop
AVDAydin Vector Division
AVDArmy Victualling Department
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Average Degree of Deacetylation and Average Viscosimetric Molar Mass.
99 Maximum Degree 30 18 Centrality Average Degree 2.
the calculated unsteadiness coefficient suggests a group with high degree of uniformity at this test when it comes to results obtained by students from the 6th and the 7th grades and with average degree of uniformity when it comes to results obtained by students in the 5th grade;
The result shows the average degree of author collaboration in the Collaborative Librarianship is 0.
In [5], Gebauer and Szabo use a very similar approach; they study the change of the average degree in Breaker's graph over some subset of vertices during the game and show that it cannot get too large, and thus Maker's graph has a large minimum degree.
Clearly, as long as the bias b satisfies b [less than or equal to] (1 - [epsilon])[n/k], Avoider is doomed as at the end of the game even the average degree of his graph will be larger than k.
After satisfying the validity of assumptions the quantitative genetic analysis yielded components of genetic variation (D H1 H2 F and h2) and second degree statistics (variances and covariances) parameters [V0L0 V0L1 V1L1 W0L01 and (ML1-ML0)2] from which the following genetic ratios and parameters were determined: (a) Average degree of dominance (H1/D)1/2.
It was noted that more than half of the nurses (68%) had high degree of depersonalization in addition to 30% who had average degree compared to 2% of the nurses who had low degree of depersonalization.
Descriptive characteristics analysis describes the basic features of the discipline knowledge network in China, including its density, average degree, average shortest path, diameter, degree distribution of network nodes, and the betweenness of network nodes.
Average degree (<k>): average number of connections of all the nodes in the network, calculated from the distribution of degrees or dividing the number of edges by the number of nodes;
GOOD POINTS: There's an above average degree of thought gone into this thriller.
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