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8068, which indicated that average heart rate did not vary significantly across the different cuff pressures (Table 1 and Figure 1, Maximum Heart Rate).
AVS], average speed of TT5km; 95%CI, confidence interval of the ICC; CV, coefficient of variation; HR, average heart rate of TT5km; ICC, intraclass coefficient correlation; [Q.
The demographic data (Table 1) present the anthropometric, blood pressure, steps taken and average heart rate data of the participants.
As you continue training, your pace at any given average heart rate will gradually improve as your conditioning improves.
Heart Rate (HR)--The average heart rate since the previous time the algorithm was run.
The subject's height, resting heart rate and average heart rate during the 3-minute step test divided by resting heart rate significantly predicted V[O.
5 calories per minute) after doing a 38-minute class with an average heart rate of 154 beats per minute.
Gagging caused statistically significant increase in average heart rate but illustrated the changing trend of autonomic tone in favor of parasympathetic division over 5 minutes interval.
With the average heart rate of 72 beats per minute the heart will pump about 5 litres per ventricle, or about 10 litres total per minute.
Covariates (age, sex, body mass index, allergies, asthma, ambient temperature during cycling, relative humidity during cycling, day of the week, average heart rate in the hour before HRV measures, average heart rate during cycling, and caffeine or alcohol consumption in the previous 24 hr) were examined one at a time, and only ambient temperature and average heart rate during cycling were retained in final models because these were the only factors that had a meaningful impact on model coefficients (change > 10%).
With the average heart rate of 83bpm, David's heartbeat rocketed to 128bpm in the Newcastle where he tackled numerous lane changes, tail-gating, and drivers cutting up each other.
The monitor also tracks calories burned and average heart rate on a per-lap basis.