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ALOCAlternate Level of Care (health care)
ALOCAir Lines of Communications (US DoD)
ALOCAverage Length Of Call (New Global)
ALOCAltered Level Of Consciousness
ALOCAlmost Loss of Consciousness
ALOCAcceptable Level of Competence (Department of Army appraisal system)
ALOCAlabama Open Carry (also seen as AOC; pro-gun Internet community)
ALOCAustralian Lexus Owners Club (car club)
ALOCAcute Loss of Consciousness
ALOCAdditional Location Details
ALOCAviation Logistics Operations Center
ALOCAdvance Logistics Officers Course
ALOCAdvance Line of Credit
ALOCAirborne Visual Laser Optical Communication (DoD)
ALOCAdministrative & Logistical Operations Center
ALOCArmy Logistics Operations Center (US DoD)
ALOCAcute Level Of Care
ALOCAssociation Luxembourgeoise des Organisations de la Construction (French: Luxembourg Association of Construction Organizations; Luxembourg)
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BusinessCom is fully responsible for voice-over-satellite protocol optimization and proactive management of VoIP QoS parameters, such as jitter, route stability, ASR (Answer Seizure Ratio), ALOC (Average Length of Call) and CCR (Call Completion Ratio).
Aeromobile claim the system is being used more during daytime flights and that the average length of call is 2.5 minutes.
Items included years of vocational training in ICU or related specialty, size of hospital, personnel involved in MET, percentage of in-hours and out-of-hours rostering for MET activities and other out-of-ICU activities, average number of MET calls during day and night shifts, average length of call and time spent on MET Statements measuring the trainees' perceptions of the impact of MET activities on ICU training, patient care on the wards and care in ICU were measured on a seven-point Likert type scale ranging from "strongly disagree" as one to "strongly agree" as seven.
When BNZ decided to change the call center's performance, the managers didn't say, let's cut our average length of call by X percent, or boost our sales by Y percent, or even win awards for this or that.
"For the first half of the fiscal year, our pre-registration rates either remained stable or increased, and the average length of calls into the central scheduling center gradually began to decrease."
The average length of calls is around 2.5 minutes, while the text messaging capability is also proving very popular among passengers.
"The information we receive, such as average wait times, abandoned calls, average length of calls and other data, gives us a wealth of information, such as identifying specific times when our agents are busiest, and how well they are responding to client needs."
The average length of calls handled by representatives has risen to about three minutes.