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AVLOSAverage Length of Stay (hospital or hotel)
AVLOSAutomated Visa Lookout System
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Average length of stay was not associated with number of comorbidities, and for patients with a length of stay greater than the third quartile (length of stay [greater than or equal to] 8 days), the average number of comorbidities was also 3.
The average length of stay for stroke patients was 11 days before the establishment of Stroke Ward in 2014.
At the Launceston General Hospital, there has also been a reduction of the average length of stay in General Medicine by more than half a day.
According to TCA's report, UK remained the largest European source market in 2015, but all other European markets continued to record a drop in average length of stay.
The average length of stay and its effective control could be judged from the simple fact that decrease of average length of stay just by one day on all the beds in country can mobilize a bed capacity equivalent to making available approximately 41000 additional beds in a year.
Increasing the length of stay has been identified as a key driver of tourism growth across Dubai within the Tourism Vision for 2020, and average length of stay increased across the board, with an average of 3.
They delivered a 20% uplift in guest nights to 340,981 with an average length of stay of 3.
The rise in visitor numbers had a notable impact across the tourism industry, in terms of hotel guest numbers, revenues, room occupancy rates and average length of stay.
At three days, the average length of stay of the emirate's hotel guests was marginally up on the year before.
The average length of stay for all patients was seven days (eight days if an emergency).
The total average length of stay of tourists in Cyprus in October 2011 was 9.
The number of guest nights in the year-to-date comparison period is up 25 per cent to over 4 million with the average length of stay rising 12 per cent to 2.