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APUCAgricultural Products Utilization Commission (North Dakota)
APUCAverage Procurement Unit Cost
APUCAdvanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges (UK)
APUCAsia Pacific User Conference (geographic information systems technology)
APUCAfghan Persons Under Control (US DoD)
APUCAsia Pacific Unicycle Championships
APUCAnno Post Urbem Conditam (Year After the Founation of Rome, epigraphy)
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WGS AVERAGE PROCUREMENT UNIT COST (EXCLUSIVE OF LAUNCH COSTS) Current Estimate/ Estimate/ Original APB/ Current Original APB Original APB APB APB Block I I&II I, II, IIf I, II, IIf Satellites 1-3 1-5 1-8 (a) 1-8 (a) Contract type FFP FPIF FPIF FPIF APUC $268m $294m $374m $374m Unit cost (b) $239m $377m (c) $574m $574m % [DELTA] APUC - 110% 127% 140% % [DELTA] - 158% 152% 240% Unit Cost Note.
That is, the program acquisition or average procurement unit costs for these programs have increased by 15 percent or more to their current APB.
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