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The highest average talk time recorded was in New Delhi, Odisha, and Bihar at 31 minutes, 30 minutes, and 29 minutes respectively.
The contact center showed gains across all of the traditional metrics except one: In 2013, the average talk time was three and a half to four minutes.
Managers have ready access to dashboards that display everything from average talk time per call to calls handled to average wait time.
The average talk time, across all tested handsets, was a little over five hours.
I also wondered about the impact on calls where the average talk time is high?
This solution will capture customer feedback automatically after the agent moves on to the next call, allowing the company to measure the customer experience while reducing average talk time.
average talk time, average answer speed) that can disguise the specific events or opportunities that affect customer satisfaction or other desired outcomes.
Management must adequately staff their center by reliably estimating the hourly call volume entering their building and effectively managing technicians' Average Talk Time and After-Call Work Times to keep customer waiting times to a minimum.
Support providers are prone to produce reports that show they processed 380 calls per week, with an average talk time of 200 seconds and a resolution rate of 94 percent.
Key parameters available for review and measurement are number of sales made and lost, total calls answered and abandoned, calls in queue and average wait time, number of agents available, average time to answer, and average talk time.
Live call retrieval rate Phone response time Call pickup time Average talk time
Call volume and average talk time Under $10MM Over 10mm All Median calls per employee 40/day 70/day 50/day 50% Range 20-50 40-90 30-70 Average talk time per call 3.