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AWOPA World of Pain (gaming)
AWOPArea Wide Optimization Program
AWOPAll Weather Operations Panel (ICAO)
AWOPAbsent Without Pay
AWOPAfrican Widows and Orphans Project (Africa)
AWOPAdult Work Offender Program (various locations)
AWOPA World of Poker (TV show)
AWOPAbsent without Permission
AWOPAffirmed Without Opinion
AWOPAutomated Weaponeering Optimization Program (used with Joint Munitions Effectiveness Manual for probability of damage calculations)
AWOPAverage Weight of Purchase (marketing)
AWOPAircraft Waiting Operational Parts
AWOPAnother Way of Paying
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New research shows that consumers are spending more on Fairtrade products, as the average weight of purchase grew over the last year by 5.
The new 1500ml pack is the next step in the So Good programme; according to Tesco ClubCard data it is anticipated that the new larger pack will suit the consumer's average weight of purchase and maximise retailer shelf space.
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