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AWPAwaiting Parts (military equipment status)
AWPAverage Wholesale Price
AWPAllegheny Wood Products (Petersburg, WV)
AWPAnnual Work Plan
AWPA Week in Paradise (video game)
AWPAssociated Writing Programs
AWPAerial Work Platform
AWPAdvanced Web Proxy
AWPAdvanced Web Profits
AWPAll Weather Package
AWPAuthorware Web Player
AWPAdvanced Web Page
AWPAmusement with Prizes
AWPAfrica World Press (est. 1983; Trenton, NJ)
AWPAssociation of Writers & Writing Programs (est. 1967)
AWPAny Willing Provider
AWPAmerican Widow Project (est. 2007)
AWPAssociation for Women in Psychology
AWPAttorney Work Product
AWPAdvanced Wastewater Purification (cruises)
AWPArctic Warfare/Police (Counter-Strike)
AWPAsia Western Pacific (region; World Confederation for Physical Therapy)
AWPActors Work Program (Actors Fund)
AWPAt Widest Point (measurement)
AWPAssociation of Web Professionals
AWPAudit Working Paper (finance)
AWPAlgebra Word Problem (mathematics)
AWPAmiens Webmastering Production (France)
AWPArnold Worldwide Partners (Boston, MA)
AWPAustralian Women's Party
AWPAdvanced Wireless Paging
AWPAssociation of Women Professionals
AWPAssociate of Woolwich Polytechnic (UK)
AWPAviation Weather Processor
AWPAlphaWolfPack (gaming clan)
AWPAvailability Work Package
AWPAntenna and Wave Propagation (communications engineering)
AWPAllied Weather Publication
AWPAssembly Work Platform
AWPASEAN Women's Program
AWPAutomatic Weapons Permit
AWPAssociate Web Producer (gaming)
AWPAmusement with Payout
AWPApparent Wave Period (oceanography)
AWPAcoustic Wall Panel
AWPAttract WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.) Project (online forum)
AWPAlice Water Project (La Mirada,CA)
AWPAlternate Work Pattern
AWPAlgemeen Waterkwaliteitsplan (Dutch: General Water Quality Plan; Belgium)
AWPAustralasian Wood Products
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The average wholesale price of yellow corn grain grew by 10 percent to P18.
The average wholesale price did not prohibit submitting a lower price, "something that happens frequently in state tenders where there are alternative medicines.
However, in Perverse Reverse Price Competition: Average Wholesale Prices and Medicaid Pharmaceutical Spending (NBER Working Paper No.
This practice within the pharmaceutical industry was widespread - so much so that instead of Average Wholesale Price, `AWP,' it was jokingly said, really stood for: `Ain't What's Paid.
The simple answer is that the average wholesale price has been lowered, but pharmacy benefit managers modified their contracts to create cost neutrality for most organizations and their members.
Negative inflation implies that the average wholesale price level was lower during a given week, than it was in the corresponding week a year ago.
This can save states a significant amount of money on their Medicaid and prison populations who are patients of eligible facilities, with prices at least 51 percent below the average wholesale price.
Previously the reimbursement was 150% of the average wholesale price (AWP), sometimes described as "ain't what's paid.
The average wholesale price of a handset was EUR152 in February.
The suits allege Glaxo inflated the average wholesale price of its medicines as far back as the early 1990s.
refiners pumped up the average wholesale price of jet fuel in July by 56.
said Wednesday it will hike the average wholesale price for gasoline and other petroleum goods for May by 2.