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AVDETAviation Detachment (US Coast Guard)
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Today, 430 Tactical Helicopter Squadron assumed command of the Operation IMPACT Tactical Aviation Detachment in Northern Iraq as the Canadian Armed Forces continues its commitment to the fight against Daesh.
Also this morning the Defense Department is pursuing measures to support our allies, including stepping up joint training through our aviation detachment in Poland and augmenting our participation in NATO's air policing mission on the Baltic Peninsula," Hagel noted.
On November 9, 2012, the United States opened a full-time aviation detachment in Poland to increase interoperability through joint training exercises and regular rotation of U.
Ahead of talks Saturday with Poland s President Bronislaw Komorowski and Prime Minister Donald Tusk, a senior Obama adviser said US F-16 fighter jets and Hercules transport aircraft would be deployed in Poland on a rotating basis and an aviation detachment stationed permanently.
This increase included 600 additional troops, an aviation detachment of 4 Mi-24 Hind helicopter gun-ships, 4 Mi-17 Hip multirole helicopters, and a fire support section comprising 4 DANA 152-millimeter self-propelled gun howitzers.
Our combined team of ship's crew, (LCS Surface Warfare) Mission Package, aviation detachment and Coast Guard LEDET showed great teamwork and resolve," said Cmdr.
On March 27, the deputy commandant of the Marine Corps for aviation presented the 2005 Marine Aviation Detachment Patuxent River Semper Fidelis Award to the PMA-234 JATO (Jammer Technique Authorization Team).
Due to the size of the Iraqi air force, current and projected, the USAF need not introduce aviation advisory teams in huge numbers but should do so under the Operational Aviation Detachment Alpha/Bravo concept.
We began our journey from CGAS Barbers Point, Hawaii, in January as the embarked aviation detachment on Boutwell (WHEC 719), which joined the Tarawa (LHA 1) amphibious ready group heading to the Arabian Gulf.
with the Marine Aviation Detachment, urged visitors to try to send him into the dunk tank with a well-placed softball pitch, calling, ``Do what Saddam Hussein's Republican Army could not do - take down the U.
Seventh Army aviation detachment to support evacuation.
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