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is an independent provider of maintenance support and financial services to the aviation industry. For 30 years, Jet Support Services, Inc.
Bishimov also stated that Kazakhstan Aviation Industry should become the largest center for service, maintenance and modernization of aircrafts in the country.
The courtesy visit to CAAP Director General Jim Sydiongco by Santa Maria and Tan is part of the first wave of visits to the offices of aviation industry stakeholders.
According to the Bristow Manager for Nigerian Content Development, Mr Obafemi Joseph, 'Bristow is delighted to be part of this initiative as it will assist in developing local human capacity in the Nigerian aviation industry and also help in meeting the identified skill gap within the industry.'
Sohail Aman said that aviation industry needed parts, wings and many other products to manufacture aircrafts and other defense equipment and stressed that private sector should come forward and invest in aviation industry that would help in further strengthening this important industry of the country.
He said the close cooperation between private sector and aviation industry would further strengthen this industry and the economy.
The aviation industry is already doing wonderful work in this area and the roundtable today provided the perfect forum for sharing some of these great ideas on what industry and the Government could do to support industry efforts, Mr McCormack said.
Saif Mohammed Al Suwaidi, director general of the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), said the UAE, which emerged as the region's biggest aviation hub, has achieved unique jumps in investment in the aviation industry during the past few years.
"I am confident that this initiative will prove to be beneficial for the aviation industry of
While addressing an international seminar on 'Pakistan: The Future Regional Aviation Hub' held under the PAF auspices here at the Air Headquarters, the Air Chief expressed his confidence that this initiative would prove beneficial for the aviation industry of Pakistan.
I am confident that this initiative will prove to be a beneficial for the aviation industry of Pakistan.
Venkaiah Naidu on Tuesday said that the safety of passengers should be of outmost importance for any transportation service and urged the aviation industry to place passengers' convenience at the centre of all activities.
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