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AOCSAmerican Oil Chemists Society
AOCSAoc at Start of Call
AOCSAir Operations Control Station (Royal Netherlands Air Force)
AOCSAviation Officer Candidate School (US Navy)
AOCSAustralian Ovarian Cancer Study
AOCSAttitude and Orbital Control System
AOCSAlpha-Omega Computer Services (various locations)
AOCSAirport Operations and Customer Service
AOCSAcademy of Clinician Scholars
AOCSSenior Chief Aviation Ordnanceman (Naval rating)
AOCSAtlantic Outer Continental Shelf
AOCSAutonomous Onboard Command System
AOCSAtmospheric Optical Calibration System
AOCSAir Operations C4I Suite
AOCSAdvanced Online Carrier Switch
AOCSAttitude and Orbitalal Control Subsystem
AOCSAmerican Open Currency Standard
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An Aviation Officer Candidate School (AOCS) classmate, originally an F-4 RIO, Seddon was among the first cadre of fleet Tomcat RIOs.
After all, here is a woman who wasn't allowed to train as an Air Force pilot, so she applied to aviation officer candidate school in the Navy instead, then spent a year searching for a recruiter who was willing to process her application and had to break barriers within the military to become one of the Navy's first female fighter pilots.
The Navy let her apply for aviation officer candidate school, "but there did not seem to be a demand for women pilots."
After earning her degree, Carey attended the Navy's Aviation Officer Candidate School before beginning flight training and her naval career.
Peter Merskey was commissioned through Aviation Officer Candidate School and retired as a Commander in the Naval Reserve.
A native of Erie, Pennsylvania, Kohler graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 1983 and was commissioned in 1984 through the Aviation Officer Candidate School, Pensacola, Florida.
After spending a couple of years working in health clubs, I next found myself under the watchful eye of GySgt Henry Hill, USMC, at Aviation Officer Candidate School, Pensacola.
Moving from enlisted ranks, RADM Cowley obtained his commission through Aviation Officer Candidate School.
A native of Westmanland, Maine, Admiral Johnson was commissioned through the Aviation Officer Candidate School program in 1969 and was designated a naval aviator in 1970.
Thomas has been commissioned an ensign in the Navy after completing Aviation Officer Candidate School at Naval Aviation Schools Command in Pensacola, Fla.
I started my career as an E-1, then got commissioned through Aviation Officer Candidate School. I have spent a wonderful 23 years in the Navy and will soon head to Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron 2 in Rota, Spain, as XO then CO.
Navy Aviation Officer Candidate School, believes that naval officers can be divided into two classes--contenders and pretenders.
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