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The refinery will be equipped with more than 20 processing units to produce LPG, motor gasoline, aviation turbine kerosene, kerosene, diesel, heavy diesel, fuel oil, bitumen, and solid sulphur.
The refinery is operating at a capacity of 200,000 barrels per day and produces various kinds of light, medium and heavy petroleum products, mainly gas, Naphtha and also various kinds of fuels such as high-octane Gasoline, Kerosene & Aviation Turbine Kerosene (ATK), Diesel, marine Diesel, Fuel oil and Sulfur.
The tank farm will comprise four storage tanks (one gasoline and two gasoil) measuring 15,000 metric tons capacity each and one storage tank of 3,000 metric tons for aviation turbine kerosene (ATK), as well as a fully computerized and automated loading gantry with six loading bays of 270 mA/h capacity each.
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