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AVLISAtomic Vapor Laser Isotope Separation
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So far, a little less than $400 million has been spent on the AVLIS program.
The transaction's terms also provide for an additional consideration payable to Fiskars' subsidiary, Avlis, if the acquired shares are sold at a higher price during a three year period.
En 1967, el periodista Erasmo Silva Cabrera alias Avlis publico Carlos Gardel, el gran desconocido (Editorial Ciudadela; Montevideo, 1967), un estudio polemico retornando la desacralizacion de Sabato y su troupe.
to become the primary supplier of all products designed, manufactured and marketed by AVLIS.
0(2) Suspension of development of AVLIS technology -- (1.
The JV, called Avlis AB, and a wholly-owned unit now hold about 42.
08% interest bought from Fiskarsa[euro](tm) subsidiary Avlis AB for EUR126.
The complaint further alleges that the Company failed to reveal the true facts relating to an enrichment technology USEC was developing, AVLIS, that was highly touted in the Prospectus and critical to its profitability, but which was abandoned shortly after the IPO.
The results also reflect a shift in USEC's evaluation of its advanced technology options from the AVLIS program to centrifuge and SILEX.
Reflecting a shift in funding from the AVLIS program to USEC's evaluation of the advanced technology options of centrifuge and SILEX, project development costs during the quarter declined to $2.
2 million in the same period a year ago, following the suspension of AVLIS.
6 million in the same period a year ago, following the suspension of the AVLIS project in June 1999.