AvminAnglovaal Mining Limited (Africa)
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He joined Avmin in February 1992 as assistant financial manager, mines.
increase in the authorised share capital of Avmin are set out below:
enhancing, allowing for improved cash flow into Avmin.
In April 2003 Avmin sold down a portion of its investment in Avgold from 55.
negotiated a commercial agreement to buy cast `stick' and assist Avmin as they
shareholders of Avmin and Harmony are no longer required to exercise caution in
Step 2 - Avmin acquires ARMI's shareholding (14%) in Harmony and its effective
Avmin acquired Kalplats with effect 1 July 2002 for earnings effects and 30
Menell said among other things, Avmin Limited will construct a new smelter near Nkana mine slug dump.
Avmin shareholders who surrender their existing documents of title after
merge certain of their interests into Avmin ("merger transactions").
The Chambishi assets were purchased for $50m with Avmin owning 90% of the new company, Chambishi Metals Plc, and ZCCM retaining a 10% interest.