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AVROAV Roe (Aircraft manufacturer, UK & Canada)
AVROAlgemene Vereniging Radio Omroep
AVROAssociation of Vehicle Recovery Operators (UK)
AVROAustralian Vietnamese Relief Organisation (est. 2001)
AVROAutoduellists of the Vancouver Regional Organization
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"Don't know if any landed or not, but the top photo on page 32 and the bottom picture on page 35, show two Avro Lincolns between a Vickers Varsity and a Handly Page Hastings.
While they were undone by three goals in a ten-minute spell immediately before half-time at Carlisle, Berry's charges pushed Avro all the way on the artificial surface at the Vestacare Stadium, which is also used by Oldham Rugby League Club.
Produced by the British manufacturer British Aerospace, the AVRO had played an important role in the growth of Brussels Airlines.
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Simultaneously, Summit Air has announced the acquisition and deployment of its first AVRO RJ 100 jet aircraft.
Operated by the RAF from 1956 to 1984, the Avro Vulcan is a jet-powered delta wing strategic bomber, and formed the backbone of the UK's airborne nuclear deterrent during the Cold Ware.
The fun starts at 11am with a pair of Bucker Jungman Bi-Planes, at 11.30am The Avro Anson a British twin-engined, multi-role aircraft that served with the Royal Air Force, followed by Strike Master at noon.
When the Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) met on Wednesday, one of the key items on its agenda was the decision on the fate of the Avro replacement programme.
Avro Lancaster bomber The Whitley bomber would be the Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft Company's most significant design of the Second World War, with 1,814 completed when production ended in 1943.
The historic Avro Vulcan XH558 will fly over Cardiff Airport and MoD St Athan.
Zira bir egemenlik simgesi olarak avro, federal Avrupa destekcileri tarafindan, ekonomik kazanimlarinin otesinde ortak bir siyasal yapilanma ve kimlik-insa unsuru olarak degerlendirildi.