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AWALApplications of Working and Learning (educators; professional development)
AWALArtists Without A Label (digital music distributor)
AWALArtists Without A Label (digital online music service)
AWALAbsent Without Authorized Leave
AWALAround the World in A Lifetime (youth program)
AWALAmerican West Analytical Laboratories (Salt Lake City, UT)
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Addressing the inauguration ceremony of first computerised online system in KP, DIG Awal Khan said that its purpose was to solve the families' problems on their doorstep.
If anyone sees the new moon of the holy month of Jamadi Ul Awal anywhere in the sky of Bangladesh, he or she is requested to inform through the telephone numbers - 9559493, 9559643, 9555947, 9558337 and 9556407 or through the fax numbers - 9563397 and 9555951 or using any other communication system.
As a result, they received serious bullet injuries and were rushed to the Mayo Hospital where Awal Khan and Shahzad Khan succumbed to their injuries.
The deceased Awal Sher was a laborer and belonged to Mohmand Agency.
Mr Al Sanea was ordered by Bahrain's High Civil Court in 2015 to pay Awal Bank more than $750 million.
We spent more money on the repair of our taxi cars while transporting passengers from Landikotal to Awal Khan kili and Pased Khel villages due to the worst condition of the road.
Akbar Shaukat, Chief Executive of Awal Telecom, said: "The Tower Infrastructure partnership agreement with Ufone is a beginning of a long term business relation between both companies where not only Tower Infrastructure Sharing will be the subject, but will also give opportunities to partner in terms of Active Infrastructure sharing in the times to come.
Kitabi Al Awal was able to demonstrate an ideal way to support the capacities of children by instilling a love of reading in them from an early age, through providing mothers with books and encouraging them to be active partners in building successful future generations," Sheikha Bodour said.
The complainant nominated Awal Sher, his brothers Badam Sher, Rahat, his cousins Muhammad Nabi and Muhammad Ali in first information report.
The multi-year deal is aimed on AWAL Telecoms build-to-suit model, which will permit Mobilink to decrease both operating expenses and capital expenditure at the same time as offering service to new customers who have yet to be capable to experience the advantages of cellular coverage.
HRH the Prime Minister lauded the Awal Theatre, and its pioneering role in deepening literary and artistic awareness through its successive generations of outstanding artists, and highlighting social issues in all fields.
Awal Cinema was one of the eight cinemas built during the rapid expansion of the industry in the 1950s and 1960s and remained a prevalent destination for film fans, especially those within the expat communities surrounding the building in Manama, near the Indian Club and American Mission Hospital.