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Movement away from the keyboard that frames the ups and downs of the larger half-note pulse (such as conducting a figure 8 per bar) facilitates perception of the possible corresponding dance steps.
Her hands fell away from the keyboard to her sides.
"Adrian, step away from the keyboard - go and enjoy your final days with the flesh-and-blood people who love you.
But I was annoyed every time I had to reach away from the keyboard to use the mouse, and afterwards relocate home row.
What I'd like to suggest is that, just for a few moments, we step away from the keyboard and approach the construction of text from a different angle.
Sometimes we might even begin to feel that we are part of an online community made of up people we might never see away from the keyboard, but with whom we share sufficient mutual interests and experiences, to consider these physical strangers to be our friends.
Tablet computing comes in two versions: a "convertible" version, which resembles the traditional laptop but has a screen that can spin around to face away from the keyboard, and a detachable version in which the screen and keyboard are completely separated.
q "Dark forces dragged me away from the keyboard, swirling forces of irresistible intensity and power" - Tory MP Boris Johnson's explanation for lateness in handing in work.
They get on each side of me and push my arms away from the keyboard. I need the breaktime anyhow.
But relationships that work are usually built upon a real-world base, and a set of shared experiences away from the keyboard. Relationships that develop without this background on the Net tend to quickly fall apart.
The five assistants all represent a wide sidestep away from the keyboard and toward the most-human interface yet between humans and our smart machines.
horizontal axis to face away from the keyboard. Closing the lid then allows the