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After performance of this pious rite Haita unbarred the gate of the fold and with a cheerful mind drove his flock afield, eating his morning meal of curds and oat cake as he went, occasionally pausing to add a few berries, cold with dew, or to drink of the waters that came away from the hills to join the stream in the middle of the valley and be borne along with it, he knew not whither.
The area is 150 feet away from the Hills Reservoir, that is scheduled part of Amherst's water supply.
For this to happen, Wales must be given a fairer share of RDP funding, and CAP funds must not be distributed away from the hills.
THERE'S no getting away from the hills for North Wales athletes looking for races this weekend.
With the summer holidays approaching, parents are now being urged to keep their children away from the hills for overnight camping trips.
Caring for the horses she boards and giving equestrian lessons to her 25 students, Thomson was content to spend little time away from the hills until two years ago.