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A/MAbove Mentioned
A/MAeromobile (Italian: airplane)
A/MApproach and Moor (US DoD)
A/MAway Message (AOL Instant Messaging)
A/MAutomatic / Manual
A/MArea to Mass Ratio (measurement)
A/MAmpere Per Meter
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You could put up an away message to be not participating, conspicuously, in the way teenagers love.
Basically my take away message is dont spend more just because you make more.
Verity Pearson-Dennett, the study's corresponding author, said, "The main take away message is that use of cannabis can result in subtle changes in the way that you move.
A take away message is that whilst women were always a minority, they have made major contributions to cartography.
Kipp does think the take away message from all of this is that perseverance and a pretty expensive lawyer can probably get you far enough.
So the take away message is, every single nurse will be needed.
A) Constantly check his away message for updates on where he's heading.
My personal favourite, Piggles - complete with flying goggles and a cheeky, chops away message emblazoned on its rear quarters - looked very firmly in the opposite direction from a busy restaurant in upmarket Milsom Place where pork was definitely on the menu.
If you use an instant messaging service, include a comment in your profile and on your away message about voting.
com) instant messaging (nee Lotus Sametime) to tell colleagues if we are busy (we use "do not disturb"), away from the office (we indicate in our away message where we are), and where we are when we are working (we indicate location information, e.
The take away message is for moms to understand the five must tell messages children need to hear when we are delivering difficult news.