AWILAlaska Weather Information Line (US NOAA)
AWILAmerican Web for International Languages
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Yu'un bayel klo'oj nutsel me tey ya xboon ae, awil x-ochon bael, ora xjamot puertae, X'Ochonbael, awilxk'otmejnutsawe, awilxlok'ixtalamewardiae, xjapuyotixtal ta chikotelaja.
But 12-year-old Awil is different in two ways: He is shouldering an automatic, fully loaded rifle; and he is working for a military that is substantially armed and financed by the United States.
Awil Hussein said: "It's a great honour to receive such a prestigious award and I would to dedicate this to the Somali community.
Paolo Francesconi, * Zabulon Yoti, [dagger] Silvia Declich, * Paul Awil Onek, [double dagger] Massimo Fabiani, * Joseph Olango, [double dagger] Roberta Andraghetti, * Pierre E.
However, we can reveal the real winners are RTE, O2 and Independent TV company Shin Awil Productions.
Kayser's two brothers: Awil, aged 19, and Bashir, aged 18, and sisters Sarah, aged 13 and Sagal, aged 11, stood to say their goodbyes together with their parents as the evening light around them faded in the still and quiet of the cemetery.
Kayser's mother Marian was too upset to speak yesterday but his brother Awil, 18, insisted Kayser had never been involved in trouble.
Spirent's integrated data plane and control plane testing provides a real test of enterprise/metro and Internet core and edge routers," said Awil Egal, Director, Software Quality Assurance, Foundry Networks Service Provider Business Unit.
The Humanitarian aid commissioner Ahmed Babiker al-Hassan has told the official news agency SUNA that the sixth batch included 1,068 metric tonnes of sorghum, pointing to ongoing arrangements to open a new humanitarian corridor from El-Obeid to Awil town in South Sudan via Al-Muglad.
Kar said, The (appellate) court also ordered AWIL and AW Spa to reimburse the government's legal costs.
Today we reveal that while Mickey Joe or Simon now have the fame, it's RTE, Shin Awil Productions and phone giant O2 who are raking in the cash.