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AWLSAmerican Wilderness Leadership School
AWLSAll Weather Landing System
AWLSAirespace Wireless Location Services
AWLSAlcohol Withdrawal-Like Syndrome (vascular surgery)
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"Mossy Oak is proud to continue its relationship with AWLS and the SCI Foundation.
Her metal awl with sinew-wrapped handle was stuck into a buckskin wrap.
AWLS method actually obtains the phase error estimate by minimizing the side-zone power while MSCR method obtains the phase error estimate by minimizing the ratio between side-zone power and center zone power.
This one almost certainly derives from Cockney rhyming slang ( the full version being cobblers' awls. The dictionary defines an awl as an iron instrument used for piercing leather.
The convention will recognize AWLS 50th anniversary with a keynote speech on the state of the architectural woodwork industry by a representative of McGraw Hill; that company also provided the keynote speaker at AWI's first convention.
Don Brown -- On July 31, a forest fire had spread from twenty-six acres the night before to 2,800 acres by mid morning just beyond the ridge to the east of the American Wilderness Leadership School (AWLS) site.
But whereas the cobbler had only awls and needles to rely on, the information age has given insurers an array of new risk-management information systems.
I was pleased to read about the Advocates of Westchester Library System (AWLS), a grass roots support group, in a recent Sunday New York Times.
This involved a buckskin rope with four holes and two bone awls, one to place in the ground as a pivot and the other to scribe a line showing where to cut the bottom edge.