AWSAAmerican Woman Suffrage Association
AWSAAssociation of Wisconsin School Administrators
AWSAAmerican Water Ski Association
AWSAArab Women's Solidarity Association
AWSAAdvanced Writers and Speakers Association (Christian women's group)
AWSAAmerican White Shepherd Association
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Passage of the AWSA by Congress in 2004 led to water planning certainty for central Arizona irrigation districts, utilities, cities, and towns by resolving "permanently .
The AWSA and the NWSA overcame their differences in 1890 and formed the National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA).
A significant correlation was observed with the mothers' AWSA impacting the daughters' OCL Sex Type score.
An article in the AWSA magazine the Women's Journal melded monogamy and Christianity by analogizing Christ appointing Peter as the rock which he based his church to monogamy's role for women's equality, (166) asserting that "[m]onogamy is the rock upon which the church of Woman's Equality is founded.
The reason for selling our share in AWSA is that we have focused the group's operations and future investments on the Nordic market," said Olle Ehrlen, CEO of NCC.
As shown in Table 2, the highest correlations were between the AWSA or AWSC and the percentage of "both" responses to the question of which sex should perform an activity.
Analysis of data from the AWSA found that boys had more traditional attitudes toward women than did girls.
Like others who supported the AWSA, Livermore believed that black men needed the vote more than women did, especially as freedmen attempted to secure an economic and political place in the Reconstruction South.
guacamaya awa (SU), awa (UL), awsa (MIS), ewa (LS), ewa (LH) 40.
CropLife and AWSA are cautioning agri-retailers to keep an eye out for customers who request large quantities of a particular product, especially if it's out of season or they're unfamiliar with it.
The Egyptian headquarters of AWSA was closed down by the government in 1991, along with its magazine Noon.