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It does not matter if students don't find such a proof independently, when they just say: "Due to our DGS experiments we are sure that there exists no other area balance points except on the axis of symmetry", the teacher may give some hints or show a possible proof.
A lesion's axis of symmetry is any line ([[phi].sub.l], [r.sub.l]) that produces [psi]([[phi].sub.l], [r.sub.l], I) = 1.
1-3, the vapor bubble expands along the axis of symmetry. Then the liquid particles in the vicinity of the vapor bubble are accelerated away from the vapor bubble to the left and right sides.
Takeshita (9) proposed an empirical method to determine the thickness of asphalt (upper) layer of a pavement based on [[tau].sub.max] along the axis of symmetry of a semi-infinite elastic medium subjected to surface vertical stress [P.sub.0].
At this step the experimenter stated, "Prior to multiplying the argument, the cosine function crossed the x axis (axis of symmetry) at intervals of one n along the x axis.
To ensure more efficient application of the macroflows of liquid metal formed in the crucible for the treatment of metallic components, it is necessary to intensify the macroflows of molten metal of the liquid pool in the direction of the vertical axis of symmetry of the crucible towards the treated component.
There is also a plurality of adhesive portions, the first of which is located along the axis of symmetry. A second adhesive portion is located away from the axis of symmetry.
Each of the observed particles may thus be first reoriented and standardized by putting its axis of symmetry in vertical position and by assigning the ordinate y = -1/2 to its lowest point and the ordinate y = 1/2 to its top in the planar case and proceeding analogously with the assignment of the z-values in the spatial case (should this operation admit different realisations we shall choose the one which leads to the largest value of the test statistic to be calculated).
A quick check confirms that the midpoint M (ap, 0) of S and S' lies on t; that is, not only is [DELTA]SPS' isosceles but t is also its axis of symmetry. Matching up equal angles completes the proof of the property.
In the situation of figure 2, the triangle median AG is clearly vertical, as is the axis of symmetry of the envelope parabola.
In this example, the whole mold was rotating at a constant speed of 400 rpm around its vertical axis of symmetry. Three identical spherical cavities were spaced in the horizontal plane by 120 degrees from each other and connected to the catching basin by rectangular runners.
in a cylindrical coordinate system centered at the intersection of the axis of symmetry with the entrance plane of the tube, where ([],[[theta]],[]) are the unit vectors in the cylindrical coordinate system, and i takes values 1 and 2 for the left and the right moving surfaces, respectively.