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AXLAmerican Axle & Manufacturing Holdings, Inc. (Detroit, MI)
AXLAdult Extra Large (clothing size)
AXLAnderson Exploration Ltd.
AXLAnother XML (Extensible Markup Language) Library
AXLAdministrative XML (Extensible Markup Language) Layer (computing)
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Investment company One Rock Capital Partners LLC said on Wednesday that one of its affiliates has entered into a definitive agreement to sell AXL Holdings Inc to L Catterton for an undisclosed amount.
Stradlin was also a competent songwriter who co-wrote most of the songs with Axl on their debut.
AXL belongs to receptor tyrosine kinases (RTKs) as like as Sky (also known as Tyro-3) and Mer (also known as Eyk, Nym, and tyro12) [3], and generally RTKs are involved in cellular proliferation, survival, adhesion and cell migration [4-6].
to sleep were there Sallie Axl, from earthquake zone "I was with my two-yearold daughter then, and we had to run up a mountain.
Axl had been performing on stage at the London Stadium hours before.
The initial focus of The Almighty Johnsons involves the coming of age of Axl Johnson (Emmett Skilton), a young New Zealander who was essentially raised by his older brother Mikkel or Mike (Tim Balme) in the absence of both parents.
Before spilling the beans on her Big Apple grapple with Axl, Adriana told how she first hooked up with him in Los Angeles, while working as a stripper at the Seventh Veil club.
Daltrey, an old mate of Brian's, said: "I mean, go and see karaoke with Axl Rose?
The neural stem cells that express AXL are only present during the second trimester of pregnancy.
Axl Rose and Slash are one of the most historically popular vocalist and guitarist duos of all time.
Axl is concerned that their relationship only survives as they have already forgotten their past problems and the terrible things he had to do in wars.
Because Axl Rose - his name is an anagram of Oral Sex - turned out to be a HUGE fan of Birmingham supergroup ELO.