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AXUApplication Specific Execution Unit
AXUAxum (airport code; Ethiopia)
AXUAlexco Resource Corporation (Canada)
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The Council established the Foundation in 1993 in order to restore the 'Inda Nebri'id, the former Governors Palace in Axum, and turn it into a cultural center to promote the unique heritage of Axum.
Through this new partnership with Axum, Back Yard Burgers' management will work with Axum to strengthen the company's competitive position and execute its growth strategy.
Axum specialises in moving fluid and sludge, providing energy consulting, flow modelling of pipework, 3D modelling and on-site services.
Axum Bohemia products are compatible with microwave ovens, grills or salamanders (up to 120[degrees]C).
The return of the Axum Obelisk has fuelled the clamour for the return of the Maqdala booty.
Eissa Al Maidoor, Chairman of the Noor Dubai Foundation, said: "The six-day series of intensive operations to cure blindness in people suffering from cataracts and other causes of reversible blindness in Ethiopia was conducted successfully due to the efforts of the Noor Dubai team who shall visit Axum again on April 8 to re-evaluate the outcome of surgeries and success of treatment.
Dubai: The Noor Dubai Foundation has screened more than 7,000 people in its first mobile Eye Camp for 2013 in Axum, Ethiopia.
Quiza tampoco el lugar donde me encuentro: Axum, en Etiopia.
A good example of this is what Saba calls her Axum chair.
The Queen of Sheba's capital is now Axum, the Holy City, where it is believed that Menelik, her son, deposited the Ark of the Covenant in a temple.
One exciting site for visitors is Axum in the far north, a kingdom which arose from 500 BC.
famine in the Kingdom of Axum (since the 4th century called