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AYIEAl Yousuf Industrial Establishment (boat manufacturer; Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
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Ayie believes a photographer has to be involved in heart and spirit on the images he or she wants to convey.
AYIE 2012 is a platform for young inventors to showcase their inventions and inventive spirit to an international audience.
In the song, Ile Ayie is synonymous with negritude, African heritage, black self-awareness, and pride.
Com base nos achados da pesquisa, foi possivel levantar as seguintes questoes: a implantacao do Projeto "Ile ayie yaya ilera" baseou-se em argumentos tecnicos e foi garantida, politica e ideologicamente, pelos gestores do projeto, que assumiram posicoes de garantidores do processo, embora se percebesse que, apos certo tempo, a situacao nao havia avancado no atendimento as necessidades da populacao negra vinculada ao terreiro.
Gol Ayie Jal also complained that "The State Electoral College failed to demonstrate the ability to treat all the candidates equally; clear evidence is that the College is literally dissolved in a slow motion, no final consensus is reached to reviled the winners before the college, nor has the chairman freely accept to abide by rule of law to allow college members to dialogue over competitors, to carefully examine their credentials before collective compromise is reached, the scandals by college member triggered and raised concern among people like me".
Since the 1970s, the emergence of a new positive black identity, usually in connection with the African American movement for civil rights, could also be perceived in Bahia, where new carnaval and cultural groups such as Ile Ayie, Olodum, Male Debale, and Timbalada publicly asserted their blackness through the promotion of "African" culture (Agier 2000).
Xiquinmaca xochitlan xiquinmacan nonahual aya ayao izquixochitl cacahuaxochitl ayie ayahue xiquimaca xochitlo xiquinmaca nonahual aya ayao (25) Preciosas flores de tabaco son nuestro adorno,
Assim, entre os nago (e os ioruba de um modo geral), as plantas mediam o ayie, mundo dos vivos e das representacoes fisicas e o orun, mundo sobrenatural, onde habitam espiritos dos mortos (eguns), ancestrais e divindades (orixas).