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The map shows that in the 1940s, Turmus Ayya was a small collection of buildings, surrounded by orchards.
As a matter of fact, Ayya Pullay was not only a clever painter but also a fine translator of Tamil into English, TNSA: TDR 3479, April 25, 1804, pp.
"The occupation forces issued the decision to steal hundreds of Dunams of land from Jaloud village, south of Nablus, in addition to the villages of Turmus Ayya and al-Mogheer, north of Ramallah", Daghlas said, adding that, "The Israeli army said the decision comes out of so-called military considerations."
Khema, Ayya. I Give You My Life: The Autobiography of a Western Buddhist Nun.
Israeli and Palestinian officials issued conflicting accounts on Thursday over the results of an autopsy on a Palestinian Authority official who died after being involved in clashes during a protest near the village of Turmus Ayya on Wednesday.
Environ 300 personnes avaient entrepris de marcher du village palestinien de Turmus Ayya, pres de Ramallah, en direction de la colonie d'Adei Ad avec l'intention de planter des oliviers.
Manama, Dec 10 (BNA) -- The Kingdom of Bahrain today strongly condemned the new Israeli forces assault that led to the killing of the PLO official in charge of the settlements file, Ziad Abu Ein, while participating in peaceful march in Turmus Ayya northern Ramallah in the West Bank.
A Palestinian security source told AFP that Israeli forces beat Abu Ein with the butts of their rifles and their helmets during a protest march in the village of Turmus Ayya near Ramallah.
He has directed landmark actionoriented movies such as Lockup Death, Huchcha, Kalasipalya, Ayya, and Bheema Teeradalli, and worked with top stars in the Kannada film industry.
The 30-year-old actor made his Bollywood debut with "Ayya" opposite Rani Mukherjee and then went on play an important role in "Aurangzeb".
Fa-sirna ila l-husna wa-raqqa kalamuna wa-rudtu fa-dhallat sabatan ayya idhlali