AzHHAArizona Hospital and Healthcare Association
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Arizona hospitals are at a huge advantage to be represented by AzHHA, an organization that is cognizant of their needs and is actively searching for cutting edge solutions to assist them," states Anita Stanford, ARMSRx VP Pharmacy Benefit Consulting.
com; or John Koeneke, AzHHA, at +1-602-445-4300, Ext 4313, Koeneke@AzHHA.
We put AZHHA through a complete physical examination.
Although this arrangement made for some anxious moments during the restructuring deliberations, these discussions were essential if the members were to believe that AZHHA was really their association and their plan for the future.
The restructuring of AZHHA was based on the fundamental premise that our members were transforming themselves from institutions into delivery systems, and that the mission, membership structure, dues structure, and governance of the association needed to reflect the inherent changes.
For more than 60 years, AzHHA has advocated for Arizona's hospitals and their patients, also serving as an information source and educator on healthcare issues.
We were impressed by the ease of use and cost effectiveness of ZixCorp," said Lynn Bruchhof, chief operating officer for AzHHA.
The endorsement of the AzHHA follows ZixCorp's selection by leading Arizona healthcare organizations including: Abrazo Health Care, Sun Health, Iasis Healthcare, John C.
AzHHA is a forward-looking organization whose interest in upgrading its network infrastructure and member network services - including an expanded data center - makes it an ideal partner for our second archive site," said Richard Friswell, CEO of InSiteOne.
The AzHHA data center, based in Phoenix, will become InSiteOne's nearline digital image warehouse for all of its customers in the western United States.