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The revisions were made for the 2008 renewal cycle with the cooperation of the AZBN and AzHHA. New survey designs and coding revisions will permit a more accurate estimate of response rates for both survey and item responses, allowing the comparison of key characteristics of survey respondents to the same characteristics in the relevant population.
The partners (CHiR, AzHHA, and AZBN) have continued close collaboration in the revision of RN license renewal questions.
The way in which those services are organized, financed, and delivered, however, is fundamentally transforming AZHHA's members.
Member dissatisfaction with the way we had assessed dues since our establishment in 1939 was the particular ailment whose demand for treatment provided the primary catalyst for restructuring AZHHA, an association of 89 members and 21 staff.
We put AZHHA through a complete physical examination.
The first step in AZHHA's restructuring was to assemble a group of members to develop the framework for our "new" association.
Although this arrangement made for some anxious moments during the restructuring deliberations, these discussions were essential if the members were to believe that AZHHA was really their association and their plan for the future.
The restructuring of AZHHA was based on the fundamental premise that our members were transforming themselves from institutions into delivery systems, and that the mission, membership structure, dues structure, and governance of the association needed to reflect the inherent changes.
Despite being viewed as a potential threat, AZHHA's restructuring was initiated with the sole purpose of ensuring that we're able to provide services that are of value to our membership for the long term.
The AzHHA did not receive the funding to continue to collect data and will not re-apply for the designation
* Behavioral health coalition participation with AzHHA and other healthcare groups, to develop joint position statements on state budget cuts around mental health
* Participated in the Nursing Leadership Roundtable discussions at the AzHHA