AzLATArizona Loans for Assistive Technology
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These animals had come from Azlat, in the Brakna region, the native village of the index case-patient's family, where the investigation continued.
In addition, serum samples from 25 animals belonging to the family of patient 1 in their native village, Azlat, Brakna, were analyzed.
Serologic results for animals sampled in areas surrounding patients' homes, Mauritania, February-August 2003 Case Probable source of infection Place of sampling 1 Animal El Mina, Nouakchott 1 Animal Azlat, Brakna 13 Hospital Arafat, Nouakchott 14 Hospital Arafat, Nouakchott 16 Hospital Tevragh Zeina, Nouakchott 23, 24 Animal El Mina, Nouakchott 27 Animal (?